Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Sense of Proportion

If you are coming to today's post hoping to read about an individual who has learned self-control and exhibits that trait at every turn, I can assure you that you will be heartily disappointed. From the moment I learned that we might be relocating, I thought about my garden and what I might attempt to bring along with me to the new house. Initially, I was quite proud of myself. After all, I could dig up the boxwoods, but I decided to show some restraint and just take cuttings in the hopes that I could raise new plants. I took 18 cuttings. This may seem like a lot to anyone who has not tried cuttings before, but the possibility of failure is rather high, so it's always good to cut more than you think you'll need.

Boxwoods in waiting

I had been watching these cuttings, desperately hoping that they would all take, and then I suddenly started imagining a knot garden. This made me think I should take more cuttings. I haven't done it yet, but considering how little restraint I've been showing in the rest of the garden, I can't imagine it's too far down the road. 

I suggested to Turfman that I would only dig up about 10 plants and that there would be no holes in the garden. I've been able to achieve the latter part of that suggestion but not the former. I've only covered the front yard so far, and I'm already over 12. I'm beginning to worry a bit.  

Plants in hiding

As I said, there are no signs that any plants have been lifted, but just to be sure I don't raise anyone's ire, I've been keeping them in a neighbor's backyard. Happily, I have visitation rights, so I go over every day to water and encourage them.

It's all moving so quickly, and soon I'll either run out of pots or car space. But at least I'll have some of the best parts of the garden here join me at our new house, which will go a long way in making that house feel like home.

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