Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bare Bones

After surviving three nights below freezing, the trees here are either completely bare or are sporting crunchy, brown leaves that resemble frisee. The house, which is surrounded by trees, is normally shrouded in green. For the first few months we've been here, I had never seen the whole of the house as I made my way up the driveway until I reached the clearing that appears just in front of the house. Everything seems so skeletal now, so exposed. There are benefits to such exposure, though. Lately, the evening sky has been aflame, and the bare trees afford me a full view from our back windows.

Few green things remain around here. I've rescued my container herbs on several evenings by carrying their crate to the garage, but they're starting to get a little leggy, a sure sign of their desperate need for a little more sun.

Soon I will have to surrender to the season and retreat to the indoors. That just ensures that I'll be drawing up more garden designs. It will also give me plenty of time to start opening the massive pile of seed envelopes I recently ordered and imagining a garden brimming with flowers next year.

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