Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Blueberry Harvest

This is a decidedly brief post, but I felt a celebration was necessary.

A wild storm blew through today, knocking down a 60-foot tree across the front yard. My first concern was for the vegetable garden. Once the lightning stopped, I stepped into my Wellies and slipped on my raincoat to go out and survey the damage. The peppers and potatoes appeared to be a little depressed, their shoulders hunched quite a bit under the weight of the heavy wind and rain. Everything else seemed okay, except for the tomatoes, which showed signs of a fierce battle. A number of branches had snapped, and a few of the supports were leaning precariously. It took a little while to shore up the support structure and truss the broken wings, but I hope they'll recover well enough.

While I was out, I thought I'd just check on the blueberries. This is the first summer I've had blueberry bushes. One bush is ripening now, and the other is laden with fruit still taking on color. Though this first harvest is small, it still fills me up.

Harvest, minus two, which promptly went from bush to my

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