Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Daylilies and Diversions

Turfman and I have no recollection of these plants existing when we moved into the house last year.

A profusion of blooms

Given how full they are, we wonder what was wrong with us then. We must have maintained a razor-sharp focus on unpacking boxes. I am more inclined to believe that there were, for whatever reason, no flowers in this part of the pool area last year. I'm watching them carefully as our first anniversary at the new house approaches. Perhaps they will all inexplicably disappear.

They will certainly need to be divided later. I can't count exactly how many potentially new plants are packed in together, but it's at least 40. As I walk the grounds each morning, I consider where I could relocate the divisions. They should make a sizable contribution to some of the areas requiring a little filling in. Free plants always make me a little giddy.

The daylilies I dug up and transported from Florida are doing quite nicely now, too. Many of them had not yet bloomed for me before we made the move, so I am seeing them for the first time. This one is especially impressive with its strong coral color.

An escapee from Florida

There are other daylily surprises from the previous owners, and we've been enjoying our new inheritance. They certainly add a lot to the garden.

Of course, all this talk of daylilies is more of a diversionary tactic. People have been asking about the vegetable garden and its progress. I've been avoiding showing it in any more unfinished states. Since I have a problem with patience, of course I think the progress has been ridiculously slow. But it has been progressing. I just need to finish building the last door and putting in one cross beam, and then I'll be ready to show it to everyone. That post will come within the week.

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