Friday, April 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 2016

It seems that I've been out of the loop for quite a while about the significance of 15 April to garden bloggers. Just this morning, I discovered that it is the day on which bloggers like myself walk around and photograph what's blooming in their gardens.

So for today, I shall be rather short-winded and leave you with a selection of photos of what's happening here on the farm. I'll leave enough hopefully to make up for the years that I've missed out on such a wonderful celebration.

I love seeing my burgundy Iris in spring

In the Wolfie garden, the Saxifraga have been adding color
for a while.

The Clematis 'Bourbon' seems quite happy.

I planted this Lonicera last year, but
this is its first bloom. Worth the wait!

In the "Trough Garden" quite a few things are blooming.

The first of the Gaura 'Lindheimeri' are peeking through.

The purple Verbena is spreading across most of the upper
Trough Garden. Scabiosa and Armeria add to the palette.

On the post behind the garden, Clematis
'Giselle' puts on her annual show.

Giselle's close-up

And 'Giselle' lit by the sun

Finally, I leave you with Clematis 'Rebecca'
in her new home with the David Austin rose
'Graham Thomas' in the foreground.
I hope to send more regular dispatches from the farm soon, but perhaps these will tide you over until then.

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