Monday, November 7, 2016

Growing Peppers in the Garden (Still!)

[Note: I'm going to try and provide mini dispatches from the garden during the week in case anyone sitting in an office needs a little pick-me up. Here's the first. I'll still aim for the longer reports on the weekends.]

I'm so glad I decided to leave my pepper plants alone when I started clearing the summer garden in preparation for fall. They really seem to love the cooler temperatures at night because they are producing profusely and looking lovely. (How's that for a little alliteration?)

The little golden ones came from an unmarked plant, but I love finding all of those little babies hiding among the green leaves. It seems that the slender light green peppers are now unmarked, too, but they are delicious. And the Iko Iko sweet peppers (the purple ones) are beautiful to watch ripen. Summer was a little harsh in the garden, but the peppers are making fall pretty sweet.

A rainbow of organic peppers

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